Sunday March 12, 2023  19 Adar. 4:00-8:00 pm

At the Hebrew Academy

Couvert :  $100* 

Sponsorship opportunities:  $180, $360, $540


4:00  Welcome Social & Refreshments

4:30 -5:15 

Choice of sessions 

A.   The Art of Visual Alignment.  Color Pallet by Chanie Seewald

B. Pesach preparations in the home, and in the heart: With Mrs. Danielle Forer

C. There's Wealth in Good Health - Nutritional Therapy

Helping You Heal from the Inside Out. with Frumie Rosenfeld Duchman, NTP

5:30- 6:15  

Choice of Sessions

A.   Babka Bake Workshop with Mamenu by Mushky

B Pesach preparations in the home, and in the heart: With Mrs. Danielle Forer

Buffet Dinner  by Lieder's LA

My Personal Story

Game, Raffles & Prizes

Eishes Chayil Award

 Rolled Ice Cream Dessert Station


 To register click on the link below.

Make sure to include payment before March 1,  to receive the discounted price.

Please select if you would like a massage, this will be an additional $15 / 10 minutes of a chair massage, and will be from 4:00-6:30.   The last massage will be at 6:20.

Select if you choose the Babka Bake as we need to give an amount so we can have sufficient material for all that show up.

Select your Split the amount tickets.  At the end of the program one person will win half the pot.  You do not have to be present to win.  You can share this opportunity with others.

Please take time to think of a woman who made an impression on you.  Something she did or something she does for the people around her, or something she does to make this world a better place.  Write a few sentences about her why you decided to nominate her.  Email to us or include in your registration .  One of the nominees will be chosen to receive the Eishes Chayil Award.   (This person does not have to be part of the community, Rebbetzins are excluded.)


To purchase Split the Pot tickets separately, click here

Looking forward to hosting you,

 Yiska, Chanie, Susha and Rochel

Special thanks to our sponsors:  Ophira Lenhert,  Beverly Friedman, Janet Topor-Bixler  

This year is a year of Hakhel.  It is the year following a Sabbatical year.  In the times of the Holy Temple, on the year following the Sabbatical year,  everyone would go up to Jerusalem to listen to the King read in the Torah on the Sukkot holiday.  Everyone gathered together for this - men, women and children.  This is the Mitzvah known as Hakhel - which lit. means to gather together.  The Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraged us on a year of Hakhel nowadays, to gather together as much as we can in unity and happiness.  So let's make this year's Spa for the Soul the most well attended of all years.  Let's gather together in the Spirit of Hakhel - Women United in Soul & Spirit.

*No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Please contact us.    [email protected]