Dear Friend,

I am writing this letter to enlist your help in assuring the future of Chabad of West Orange County.  On November 9, 2014, Chabad of West Orange County marked a 30- year milestone of successful service to the West Orange County Jewish community at a banquet that celebrated past accomplishments and planned for a bright future.

Since our inception 30 years ago, we have, thank G‑d, established a vibrant Jewish community.  Our many social, educational, and Chessed programs have touched the lives of hundreds of families and continue to inspire the many participants who come through our doors for a daily minyan, a Shabbat or Holiday experience, for a JLI course or Kollel study group, for celebration, for assistance, or simply for friendship. 

Our Adult Education classes have been expanded, with topics of interest, from basic study to the advanced level.  Our exciting Chabad Hebrew Social and CTeen program engage our youth in experiences that strengthen Jewish identity, Jewish values, and creates interaction with Jewish teenagers throughout the U.S.  Our Senior League offers an opportunity for seniors to socialize, learn, listen to guest speakers, and ingest some physical and spiritual energy.

Major hospitals, colleges, and countless non-profit organizations thrive due to their successful planned-giving programs.  People who believe in the mission of these organizations lend support during their lifetime, and, more so, will remember them by leaving a legacy to these institutions. Recognizing that one does not live forever, planned giving for the future could make a major difference.

The Talmud quotes: “As my parents planted for me, before I was born, so do I plant for those who will come after me.”   I firmly believe there is nothing more effective that one can do to ensure the future of Judaism in West Orange County.

As I celebrate 30 years of being the Rabbi and director of Chabad of West Orange County, I envision a Chabad Center that will flourish into the far distant future. To make this a reality, I am looking for concerned families who would be willing to be part of our “Leave a Legacy Program”.   If you are interested in having a share in this vital endeavor, please contact me to discuss the many available possibilities.

I am certain that our joint efforts and careful planning will benefit the entire Jewish community.  May we count on your encouraging response?

Rabbi Aron David Berkowitz

Fore more information, please contact Rabbi Berkowitz at (714) 846 - 2285 or