Message from the Rabbi

Dear Friends,


Shalom!  We are inviting you to join the “Legacy Challenge 2021” and ensure the strength and vitality for Judaism in our community for generations to come.


By making a gift of your estate to Chabad, you will be ensuring a strong Jewish future in your community.  It will also send a valuable message to your family about the importance of Judaism.

Enclosed you will find a “letter of Intent” and information.  You can send us the letter in the enclosed envelope.  Once we get ten signed letters, the Chisick Family Foundation will make a generous gift to Chabad of West Orange County.  We are in round two of this project.  We received 10 letters of intent last year,  and the Chisick Foundation gave us a gift of $10,000.  They are now doing a second round.   If we complete the challenge by Purim, February 26, 2021,  we will receive another gift of $10,000.  Please help us reach our goal of 10 more commitments.

Here is how the Legacy Challenge works:

-The Chisick Family Foundation will provide a special gift of $10,000 to Chabad of West Orange County on condition that Chabad received ten signed “Letters of Intent by Feb. 26. 

-Fill out the attached “Letter of Intent” and ensure a strong and vibrant Jewish future.  This means that you are planning on including Chabad in your will.  This is not a legal obligation.

-Add Chabad of West Orange County, an IRS 501 3C Non-Profit Corporation, Fed. Tax ID   33-0377870, 5052 Warner Ave. Huntington Beach, 92649, Phone: 714-846-2285, as a beneficiary in your estate.

-You can designate either a percentage or a fixed amount of your estate to Chabad of West Orange County.  Gifts of a retirement account or Life Insurance policy can also be included as a commitment to the Legacy Challenge.

If you make Chabad of West Orange County your IRA beneficiary, 100% of the funds will be a Jewish legacy and will be exempt from all taxes.  Individual beneficiaries-other than nonprofits like Chabad – will pay up to 50% in state and federal taxes.  It is a great way to save your family from paying high taxes and strengthen the Jewish Community.

If you need any assistance, please call Rabbi Berkowitz at 714-808-2269.  If needed, we can also recommend an excellent Trust and Estate Attorney with extensive experience who can assist you. 


Wishing you and your family good health and many successful and happy years ahead,

With blessings,

Rabbi Aron David Berkowitz

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