Message from the Rabbi

Dear friends,

I am writing to you concerning our Planned Giving Chabad Legacy Program also known as Chabad Tomorrow.   We have launched this program at our 30 Year celebration banquet which was held in November 2014. The honorees of the banquet pledged to be part of our Legacy Program.  We, at Chabad, are looking ahead and we are excited about the future of Judaism in West Orange County. We need to make sure that we not only survive, but also thrive in the future. It is known that successful non- profits, like hospitals and colleges, assure their future through planned giving programs. In the course of the last five years, I have spoken to many members and friends concerning this matter. The general response that I received was quite favorable. They recognized the need to plan for the future.

To fulfill this need Chabad has instituted a program known as “The Legacy Challenge”.   In reality, even if a person has the best intentions, if they do not actually include their planned gift to Chabad legally in their wills, it will not happen. Thus, “The Legacy Challenge” was created in order to encourage those that are interested to go a step further and sign a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Mr. Brian Chisick, a member of the OC Jewish Community, and a good friend of Chabad, has graciously agreed to donate $10,000 to Chabad of West Orange County, if we succeed in getting at least 10 LOIs from our members and friends within the next 3 months. Though the LOI is not a legally binding document, it does tell us that unless there are unexpected circumstances one plans to actualize their good intent. If one has already included a gift to Chabad in their will, they can state that in the LOI. 

Generally speaking, the assumption is that those of us that are blessed with children and extended family, would like to leave the bulk of their estate to them.  That is obviously the right things to do. We do, however, suggest that one would also consider leaving roughly 10% to Tzedaka. Obviously, every situation is different and decisions need to be made accordingly.

Enclosed please find the Letter of Intent and an article concerning “The Legacy Challenge”.   It would help us greatly if you can be part of our Legacy partners by filling out the LOI and mailing it back to us. We are hopeful that we will receive at least 10 signed LOIs in due time, so, besides the future benefits to our community, we can also immediately receive the $10,000 contribution from our dear friend, Mr. Brian Chisick.

If you are in need of a reliable lawyer who deals with estates and planned giving, or if you have any other questions concerning this matter, please call me at 714-8082269.  

Wishing you and your family good health and many successful and happy years ahead,

With blessings,

Rabbi Aron David Berkowitz

Click here for the Letter of Intent