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Lag Beomer 2017

Upcoming events
Sep. 26, 2018
Shmooze in the Chabad Sukkah and enjoy your favorite soup.
Oct. 04, 2018
Women's Class - Recite Psalms (hebrew and english) for the good health and success of our community. Learn about the upcoming special Jewish days from a mystical perspective, connected to the ...
Oct. 04, 2018
Study any topic with a "Chevruta" (study partner) or join one of our study groups and experience a spirited Torah learning session. Men only.
Kolel is in loving memory of Dr. Ron (Chaim) Gilbert.
Oct. 07, 2018
Class on prayers of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with Rabbi Aron Dovid Berkowitz. Men & women. No charge.